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Christmas crackers and tongue twisters inside ...

mercredi 25 novembre 2020, par Battelier Sophie, Battelier Sophie,

Christmas cracker 

A Christmas Cracker is a cardboard paper tube, wrapped in brightly coloured paper and twisted at both ends. There is a banger inside the cracker, two strips of chemically impregnated paper that react with friction so that when the cracker is pulled apart by two people, the cracker makes a bang.


Christmas crackers are a British tradition dating back to Victorian times when in the early 1850s, London confectioner Tom Smith started adding a motto to his sugared almond bon-bons which he sold wrapped in a twisted paper package. As many of his bon-bons were bought by men to give to women, many of the mottos were simple love poems.


Crackers 1888


He was inspired to add the “bang” when he heard the crackle of a log he had just put on the fire. He decided to make a log shaped package that would produce a surprise bang and inside would be an almond and a motto. Soon the sugared almond was replaced with a small gift. Originally sold as the Cosaque it soon became known by the public as the ‘cracker’.


The paper hat was added to the cracker in the early 1900s by his sons and by the end of the 1930s, the love poems had been replaced by jokes or limericks. The cracker was soon adopted as a traditional festive custom and today virtually every household has at lest one box of crackers to pull over Christmas.


How to make crackers ? 

Sequence autour des crackers

Tongue twisters inside the cracker 

1)The witch is on the chimney, playing chess and eating chips./tH/ 

2) The chef is washing dishes/H/

3) The queen likes meat and peas. /i :/ 

4) The king likes fish and chips/q/

5) Where is the hare ? At the fair, on a chair, staring at a bear/eF/

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